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8-Day “You Are Enough” Challenge

I've decided to join the 8-Day “You Are Enough” Challenge.

I'm going through so many changes right now and this definitely feels like it's just the right time for something like this. I know that I struggle with being seen and not allowing other's opinions of me to wear me down. I've been building up my confidence a little at a time but dealing with a chronic illness like fibromyalgia, along with obesity and the weight of childhood trauma, confidence and self-worth can be in pretty low supply at times.

I want to invite you along. 

Tapping has done wonders for so many aspects of my life. That is a big reason why I feel such a responsibility to share this tool with as many people as possible. I love that it doesn't cost a dime and you can do the work yourself. Of course, there are tons of resources, courses, trainings, etc. that can be purchased but none of it is necessary to start. Of course, if you have major trauma and you don't feel comfortable working on that yourself, you can always find a practitioner and get some help with those deeper issues.

There is no barrier to entry.

The free resources are high-quality and plentiful. If you don't resonate with one provider, you can simply switch to another. I have 2 or 3 that have become my absolute favorites over the years and one of those is The Tapping Solution. They are who I first learned about tapping from. I've been following them for years and have many of their books and trainings. I have always appreciated their honest, caring approach and just how much they give and this challenge is no different.

Free on the App.

I would love it if you would join me for this challenge for the next 8 days. All you need is to download the app at or from your phone's app store. Once you've done that, simply search for the “You Are Enough Tapping Meditation”, find a quiet place and follow along for the short 15 minutes it takes to listen and tap along.

What is tapping?

If you're not familiar with tapping they have recently put a great page on their site, “Tapping 101” that can explain it a lot more than I can in a quick little post.

What I hope to gain.

Self-worth is one of those elusive traits that I have added to my goals along the path of self-development I have been on for the last several years. I know that I struggle with the lie of perfection and I despise the phrase, “good enough”. Even typing that makes me cringe. I have had to work on my mindset a lot to release the idea that all things must be perfect. So the thought that I am “enough” can feel quite cold and empty to me. I want to work through the challenge and by the end know that I am enough, no matter what my day looks like.

It's not outside of me.

Did I parent well enough, did I keep my house clean enough, did I get enough work done for my job, did I take care of myself enough, did I eat healthily enough? I want to flip that script. It needs to be deeper than that. Something that isn't so fleeting. Each day that I enter into, and as it comes to a close I want to know without a doubt that no matter what happened externally, what I was able to accomplish or not, has no bearing on whether or not I am Enough or not.  That my intrinsic value does not change based solely on how many items I was able to check off my daily task lists.

Let's do this.

What do you hope to gain? Where do you feel like you aren't enough? What will your life like look like when you know you are enough, just the way you are?

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