Step One of ???

I've been working to figure out what direction I want to with well… everything.

There are so many things I'm interested in and yet, I still can't figure out what I want to be when I grow up.

You know how they ask you that question, “If you had no worry about money, what would you do?” I can wholeheartedly relate to Peter Gibbons in Office Space. “Nothing.”

I've been working and taking care of myself, and now my kids, for so long. I'm just tired. At this point, there's really nothing sounds like something I want to get up and do every day. I've tried extrapolating it out, imagining what I might do after I had that time to relax, and I still can't see it.

There are quite a few things I enjoy as hobbies, but nothing I'm particularly good at that I would just be thrilled to do forever.¬† All of my skills are just, meh. I can do it, but is it worth someone paying me to do it? No. I can sing, I can craft, I can paint, I can write…but where is the spark?

Being an entrepreneur for the last 9 years, I know I don't want to go back to being tied to a desk and someone else's schedule. However, I also know that I will do whatever it takes to take care of my family…until. No matter how much I don't like doing it, if it pays the bills for now, then that is what I'll be doing. That sturdy responsible side of me won't allow me to do anything else.

So I search. I leave my heart open. I leave my mind open to any and all possibilities. After all, they are infinite.

I've decided to continue with my micro-commitments at this time and see where that takes me. I came across a training by Lisa Nichols, called “No Matter What”. It's a 28-day training, and it came with a bonus training as well, called the 9 Environments. One of my first micro-commitments is to complete one program at a time. The 9 Environments is my choice for now. As soon as I've gone through it, then I'll start No Matter What. It looks like I should get through the 9 Environments¬†fairly quickly.

I know that blogs are supposed to have some singular focus but I'm going to choose to take the journey strategy for now. Those who want to come along can see the transformation and hopefully I can be an inspiration to someone along the way. As I learn, as I grow, as I expand my own horizons I'll share how it's going here.

I want to say I'm excited about this journey, but to be honest, it's the same journey, the same long journey that I've been on for a while now. This is just my newest leg of it. Now, I'm looking forward to finally reaching some great destinations. =)


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