Social Media Splatter

So, you've decided to try marketing your business online? However, the only examples of online marketing you've seen, are to spam your product link images all over social media and to run out and pester all of your friends, family, acquaintances and anyone else within 3 feet.

Does this feel horrendous to you? I know it did to me. I started out in a network marketing company many years ago, went through several of them and then finally decided I was DONE. I had had it and I was no longer going to be in sales,

Then I found something that really worked for me and now I want to share it. In doing so, that has put me back into the market and I'm watching so many people struggle with the issue of marketing their business online.

Sadly, I still see a ton of training out there for the ‘spew your stuff everywhere and it's bound to hit someone' method.

The problem is, the market has shifted. People LOVE to buy, but no one likes to be ‘sold' to. In fact, they despise it.

People are so much more discerning now, and the minute you spam your social media with your images and links, your network has swiftly and immediately either unfollowed, unfriended or hidden your posts, until, in their mind, this little phase of yours has blown over.

What To Do Instead

What if, instead, you just provided value? Not “Here's my product! Buy it!”. Instead, share an article on how it can benefit those in your group? Answer questions that people have and create a quick info-graphic outlining it.

Instead of showing them the ‘what', answer their question of ‘why'. Why do they need/want what you have to offer? To the point that they reach out to you, because now, they like, know and trust you. All because you were giving them value, providing them information and answering their questions.

I know that ‘marketing' posts are a little off topic for my site. However, when I see so many struggling with something that I have learned, I just want to share what I know.

To be fair, I didn't figure all this out on my own. I went through training. Really good training where people have figured out how to be of value and truly attract people. If you're interested in more information, feel free to check out this free 10-day boot camp.

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