I absolutely have to share this with you. A friend recommended this quick little video maker and I just about squealed when I saw what it does.

This is a game changer for those of you on various social media sites. It's so much faster and more efficient than trying to create little videos through an app on your phone.

I'm pretty old school and I love working on my good ol' desktop. I like the bigger screen and the overall ease of use matters to me. Speed and efficiency for the win!!

Video is Changing Things

We know that in order to stand out you're going to have to dive into video. What if you're really not video savvy? This tool makes it crazy easy.

You can even add a couple of your product images, or some information about your company.

Benefits Over Features

As always though, I am going to encourage you to focus not on the features or ‘talking points'. Instead, focus on what your service or product will help them with. Is it skin care?

While everyone else is focusing on the feature, “giving you a radiant glow”, instead focus on what your market is really looking for.

WHY do they want that radiant glow? Are they wanting to feel younger? Attract a partner? Build their confidence?

Get to the POINT

People are busy. We all are. People need to get to the point quickly. Find those benefits, create some curiosity, then point them to where they can get what they need. All within a quick 15-second video.

That's why video is changing the game. No longer do people need to have a long drawn out process. It definitely still has its place, but many people just want to make sure they are getting what will help them solve their problem.

Free Video Maker vs Paid

The coolest part of Wave.Video is the free plan has everything to get started. You don't have to upgrade if it's not in your budget just yet. Remember, you don't have to put out money you don't have to make this whole thing work.

Sure, the premium plan has longer videos and more assets to work with, as well as more social media templates, so if your business budget has a little wiggle room. Go for premium. The first level is only $10 a month for a lot of extras.

If you use my special link ~~~~> http://aprilmhunt.com/Wave you can even get 10% off higher plans if you choose to upgrade. Not that you have to since the free version works so great.

Newbie Note: Seriously, this is not a required upgrade if you're just starting out. There are a couple, but this is NOT one of them. Go for free for a while. Then, once you're getting some income, decide on if you want to invest in upgrades.

Get Started Now

You want to be on top, riding this wave, not buried under it. I'll also be sharing a couple of quick tutorials on things in the system over the next couple of weeks.

Be ready to work through those tutorials, head on over to Wave.Video and get your account set up. Play around and I'm excited to see what amazing creations you come up with.

***This page contains affiliate links, meaning I may earn a small commission if you use these links. Please know that I only recommend resources and tools that I use, know and love.