When the Student is Ready, the Master Appears

When the student is ready, the master appears.

~ Lao Tzu

I hadn’t planned on doing so many health posts in a row but it just worked out this way. It’s rather a funny thing to look back and see the pieces falling so perfectly into place.

For a long time, I decided I was completely done trying to work on my health. Especially since every time I tried something, it would just backfire on me so quickly.

Just recently something sparked that I should maybe look into things again. I can’t remember exactly what initiated my search. It may have even been something I saw on Facebook.

It lead me to look into more information on intermittent fasting which is something I had heard of briefly in the past. Curiosity lead me to do a little more searching and I found myself watching video after video by a new person I hadn’t really heard of or followed before.

They spoke about the body’s glands and how they were usually the reason for many people’s weight gain. Just by looking at a person’s weight distribution you can almost tell right away exactly which gland is causing the most problems for them.

In going through everything I had so many ah-ha moments and I found that most of my problems stemmed from excess stress which caused my adrenals to overwork and put me into fat storing mode. I also have many of the symptoms associated with the liver and thyroid as well.

This was a whole new concept for me. I hadn't actually heard of most of this very detailed, very well researched information before. He tied it to insulin and keeping your blood sugars level, which is actually common knowledge, but not in the ways he teaches. He teaches you must remove any and all sugars, of any kind. Yes, sugar, but also, fruits, all grains, some dairy and excess protein. Small amounts of protein are necessary, but excess levels also increase insulin in the body.

Basically, the plan is to go keto, with the focus being on adding lots and lots and lots of salads/greens, throw in some healthy fats and some moderate amounts of protein and NO SUGAR in ANY form and you're all set. The whole thing completely makes sense. It is a plan I haven't tried before, however, instead of going all out, as I have in the past I planned to just step my way in slowly.

I had been watching all of the videos on YouTube and signed up for his email list. Then I saw that he had an online membership, where you got more in-depth information and recipes, etc. I cried my way through a couple of the points they were offering. Feeling that I had finally found my answer.

I got in and very quickly went through all of the videos. The vast majority were actually the same videos he has posted on YouTube, with just a few exceptions. O…kay?

Sure I got a lot of recipes and a couple of documents that I didn't already have, but other than that, I began to notice a trend. Many of the videos talked about certain nutrients that were lacking and the best way to get them was to get such and such supplement. Crazy enough, he just happens to have that specific nutrient in his personal line of supplements.

Sigh. I had such high hopes.

I don't mind people having a brand of supplements. I don't mind people having a subscription site. However, I do get disappointed when all of the education ironically always points to the need for this one thing, that you should only get through them. Many times, I have turned away from other health leaders for this very reason. Their plan will work with this specific set of supplements and these shakes and this add on, etc. Oh, and they are all things you pretty much need for life to have “real, lasting results”.


You can't have success without them? Maybe that's why it can't work for everyone, and I'll just keep moving.

Right about the same time, I had received an email from The Tapping Solution (LOVE THEM!!) about a 21 day meditation for weight loss by Jon Gabriel. I had heard the name before and from what I could remember he had good meditations. I figured, it was a good compliment to the new knowledge I was gaining and taking my small steps. It could only help so I signed up.

I had done the first couple of days and then out of curiosity began poking around on his site. I signed up for a couple of free resources, the information was very complimentary to what I was already learning from the other leader. Cool. Just more confirmation that I must be on the right track.

At the bottom of the page, they were offering a free month access to their monthly subscription/support group page. It had a lot more meditations and such available as well. I saved the link and figured I would try it a little further down the road. I continued to learn more and more and the whole concept just resonated with me, even more than the other. Especially after starting to feel discouraged by the “need” for all of these supplements.

I poked around on Jon's site, to see what his store was selling. What products is he selling? Audios, trainings, coaching. No pills. Wow. Cool. I like this idea. I don't really want to start a program where I'm saddled with having a monthly payment, just to be healthy. I just knew there had to be a better way.

I've had this happen in my life before. I just KNEW there had to be a way to work from home and after a LONG time and a LOT of scams. I finally figured it out and I've been doing it for almost 10 years now.

Knowing I had accessed everything of value from the other site. I went and canceled it. I didn't ask for a refund since I did learn a lot (though I could have learned it for free on YouTube), but I also got some of those documents too. I do believe in paying for the value you've received. There are many of the dietary changes that down the road may be very helpful in my continuing journey.

I signed up for Jon's site today. Free trial for an entire month and then only $3 more a month than the other site. Already, I know there is SO much more value here. The biggest thing for me, there is a Facebook support group. That means a ton to me. Other people, going through the same thing. I love it.

I'm still grateful for the other leader because I do feel that I was more receptive to the new information because I had already learned so much.

Today I watched a seminar that Jon did and I KNEW I made the right choice when he spoke of Emotional Obesity. This isn't when you've had a bad day and you have a binge, this is when the body is in protection mode from a traumatic event. He said you have to go back there and deal with that energy. You may even have to find a good healer to help remove it. Fireworks went off in my mind.

This was it! He gets it!

This isn't about any specific diet. Though he does have some recommendations. It's very much a long term strategy, look at 6 months out, not 6 days, or 2 weeks. Gee, sound familiar? Just like my new idea about taking small steps at a time.

Talk about everything just coming together.

I am in awe.

Now, for a quick dose of reality. The questions start to pour in. Could this really be it? There's been so many other “answers” before. How do I know this is the right one? What makes you think you're going to do it this time? Why is this any different? As quickly as they come, they flit away. Almost as if I have such a large fire burning now, they just can't stand the heat and they fly away.

For the first time in a really long time. I'm really hopeful. I have been heavy for more than half my life at this point. I know my traumatic event. I was 16. My weight is absolutely about fear and protection. I just love that he is tying it all together. Energy, thoughts, meditation, some diet, and all with a foundation in sound science.

I'm doing the 21 day meditation, and I've been doing the night time meditation. Mind you this may be the longest I've ever done this without missing a day. I'm already on day 8 and I don't want to miss it. I think it helps that they are only 10 minutes long and the night one, it doesn't matter if you fall asleep doing it, but even it's only 20 minutes. I think the short time is really helping me commit to it easier because it is such a short time.

I have already noticed that I'm not as upset with the kids. I don't get as worked up. I'm more productive on my days off. I got a TON done over the weekend. Today, I woke up with almost no swelling at all in my ankles. I can not remember the last time they were like that. They have been swelling so large and so painful for well over a year. Spoke to my doctor about it, and she didn't even seem concerned, even though I am in tremendous amounts of pain because of it. I know it isn't right.

I'm so excited for that change, so quickly, just by meditating. It's amazing to me. I am so hopeful moving forward. I have let go of thinking anything is going to happen quickly. So much so, I'm only allowing myself to step on a scale once a week. I don't want to focus too much on the numbers and get discouraged. It is a LONG journey back. It's a lot of steps that I took in the wrong direction. It will take me a lot of steps back in the right direction, but I'm certain now, I'm at least going the right way.

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