EFT has many benefits besides being a stress relief technique. EFT is easy to do, and there's no special equipment required. The wonderful thing is that most people can do treatment sessions on their own, anywhere they need to.

EFT helps with a myriad of conditions. Tapping has been used to help with PTSD (or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), quitting smoking, emotional fears and stressors, and many other issues. There are a variety of videos on YouTube that can enable you to learn the how-to's and hear other people's successes and the benefits they have received from using this technique.

Of course, if you are dealing with a significant trauma or a difficult situation, you may benefit from working alongside a trained medical practitioner or a certified EFT practitioner directly. Thanks to how successful EFT is, there are many practitioners employing EFT all over the world. Many will work with you over the phone or via Skype or Zoom, making it flexible to keep a schedule with them and work through your issues together.

Calming Your Mind With EFT

Tapping is an effective tool for calming your body or mind in the moment. It is very liberating to rely on yourself and not someone else for calming yourself down. Especially when some issue arises in the moment, you can't just scamper away for a full EFT session. Being responsible for how you are feeling and thinking as opposed to waiting for someone else to change their behavior, attitude or mood so that you can feel better is very empowering.

Releasing Negative Factors

EFT is an excellent tool to have in your arsenal for preventing disease. Not only does it improve the energy flow within the body and stimulate the energy meridians, but it helps to ground your body's electrical energy system by fully connecting you to your physical body.

Negative energy that is trapped in the body thrives on worry, anxiety, tension and stress. It's important for us to release that negativity in order to live a healthier life.

Being in a chronically unhealthy state can lead to illnesses including: back pain, irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn's disease, TMJ, depression, ulcers, chronic stress disorder, colitis, tension headaches, fibromyalgia, migraines, ulcers and tension headaches among other issues.

EFT's Flexibility

One of the great benefits of this therapy is that anyone can learn the techniques of EFT tapping. Then they can pass that learning on to their family and family. Another wonderful attribute is that this is a totally portable treatment. You can do it at home or simply excuse yourself and go to the bathroom or car. Then you can tap when you are out in public and need to release some quick tension.

Some people have even mastered the skill of “Mental Tapping”. They do EFT by imagining they are tapping on their energy meridians and only using their mind. You can do this as you are falling asleep or first thing in the morning upon waking. When you are relaxed, sore, or too tired to lift your arm, mental tapping can be especially helpful. This is great to use as a backup when out in public as well.

I love to connect!

Have you had times you wished you had something you could do to cut the tension right away? Do you think that something like tapping could help you in those moments?


  1. I never heard of this technique, sounds interesting and like it will help a few different conditions. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yes, it isn’t mainstream (yet) but it has surprised me just how many things I’ve seen people get help with. It is amazing to me.

  2. I have heard of this technique but not totally familiar with it. I would love to see an article on how to do it physically.

    1. I’m doing a series on EFT right now. I’ll be sure to add it in to the lineup. Thanks for letting me know your interest.

  3. Hi April, I have heard of EFT, but I am not familiar with the the technique. I have been focusing on natural medicine for about four years now and usually have a pretty good idea of how to deal with my energy. However, when reading your post you asked, “have you had times you wished you had something you could do to cut the tension right away,” and my shoulder screamed in pain. Ugh, I am in a peaceful environment, I meditate, I breathe, and stretch, but for the last few days my right shoulder has been stiff. Perhaps you have some tips, or taps?

    Sending lots of love and gratitude,

    1. Ouch! I can definitely share some ‘tips and taps’. I’ll be delving into more details over the next few days. I’m even considering doing some ‘how to’ videos to put out there as well if there’s interest.

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