There are a few different techniques people choose to do EFT. The best thing to do is to experiment on your own and see which method produces the best results for you.

The Set-Up Statement

In order to stimulate your mind and body to re-focus faster and work through your deep-seated emotional and physical issues, many people find adding their verbal positive affirmations to the end of their tapping sequence helps to ground them and focus their energy. It's a way to express your self-love, patience and forgiveness while you are working through the healing process.

At first it may feel strange to speak to yourself as you are tapping. However, studies show that verbalizing our intentions helps to manifest results faster. Much like actors and actresses that go over their “lines”. They repeated them out loud to help memorize as opposed to simply reading the lines in their heads.

The thought process behind stating the positive affirmations is that you hold the problem in your mind. Then while you tapping, you verbally acknowledge the issue. Followed-up with saying “I deeply love and accept myself”, or “I completely and profoundly love and accept myself.” For example, someone who is trying to overcome a smoking addiction could say something like “Even though I have this craving for cigarettes, I deeply love and accept myself.”

Other Techniques

For many people, especially those with deep self-esteem issues, saying, “I deeply love and accept myself,” can be difficult. Sometimes the traditional saying does not fit well with the statement you are using.

Changing the last half of the sentence can make all the difference. With this method, you would change the set-up statement to something similar to: “Even though I have this craving for cigarettes, I choose to live a healthier, happier lifestyle”. This method empowers people to choose to change their lives. It can bring in a variety of positives while you acknowledge the negative behavior pattern you are working through.

Be patient and kind to yourself. Often you are dealing with issues and emotions that you have been harboring for many years. It can be a very emotional process as you are releasing this negative energy. Understand that you are learning a new life-changing tool. This may take time for some people to incorporate into their comfort zone.


  1. Hi April, I am glad I stumbled upon your blog as I have begun my EFT learning journey through your insight and words. I appreciate how you explain different aspects in each blog to help us better understand EFT techniques and how they can help us get rid of negative blocks and tension build up. Thank you for sharing.

    Sending lots of love and gratitude,

    1. Glad I could help. I’ll be sticking with the EFT series for a bit longer. Hopefully I can help spread the word even more. =)

  2. Hi April! Awesome information on EFT. My brother-in-law got tremendous benefits from this a few years ago, and I can see why. Thanks for your post! Diana

    1. Oh, I’m so glad to hear that he gained benefits from it. I love to hear other people’s journeys. Thanks for sharing.

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