Today, we're going to do a quick run through on how to find each tapping point. This way, as you learn about tapping, you can begin tapping on your own when you feel ready.

Side of Hand (SH) or Karate Chop Point (KC)

You can use this point for the simple tapping techniques, the setup statement, as well as psychological reversals. First, find this point is on the soft and fleshy portion of the non-dominant hand, between the wrist and the base of the little finger (outside edge of the hand).

Eyebrow (EB)

Then, at the inner start of the eyebrow, above the bridge of your nose.

Side of The Eye (SE)

Move to, the end of the eyebrow towards the edge of your temple.

Under The Eye (UE)

Next, directly under the pupil on the eye socket bone.

Under The Nose (UN)

And then, between the nose and the lip.

Chin Point (CH)

Drop down between the chin and the lower lip, just under the bottom lip.

Collarbone (CB)

Drop again to just under the protruding bone of the collarbone or clavicle.

Under The Arm Point (UA)

Move down and find this point approximately 6 inches below the armpit; for woman, this is about where the bra strap would be.

Top of Head (TH)

To end a round, find this point at the top of the skull. Some believe that stimulating this area awakens the entire energy system and encourages the mind and body to pay attention to what we are specifically about to address. This point is extremely sensitive, and it is important to be gentle when tapping at this location.

EFT Tapping Points

Cycle through the points as many times as you need, while repeating your issue, then switching to your positive outcomes until the issue has diminished.

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Do you have other questions about EFT that I haven't addressed yet? Anything need more clarification? I would love to ‘fill in the blanks' for you. Ask away in the comments below.


    1. Hi Doug, the pace should feel comfortable, relaxing. Not too fast, but a nice, even pace. I tend to go about 3 per second (I had to check), it should be too much of a distraction to count it out so, do what feels comfortable to you.

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