Can You Use Tapping In Public?

Many people who are in the habit of tapping may find it difficult to do so in public. It can seem embarrassing to be saying affirmations to yourself while tapping through the points. More than likely, you will get a lot of strange looks and raised eyebrows. If you don’t want to stand out in a crowd, there are a few things you can do.

Take some time to practice using and perfecting the technique in the comfort of your own home. You will eventually be able to tap only using 2 fingers of one hand while softly saying the affirmation silently or under your breath. Some have even found they can simply think the phrasing to themselves and still find relief. You can also just press or rub on the points instead of tapping as well. This will enable you to practice EFT in practically any setting. If anyone sees you tapping, they will simply think you are only thinking quietly to yourself or maybe even massaging away a headache.

Tap Prior to Leaving Your Home

Many problems people tap on are issues that occur in public, such as social anxiety, or dealing with sensitivities. Therefore, it is wise to have a way to tap discretely when surrounded by people.

If you are heading out for your day and you realize that you may have an issue come up that is provoked by being in a public situation, take some time before leaving the house to tap while focusing on all the situations you may encounter. Doing a few rounds of EFT at home ahead of time can often help reduce the emotion, so that if it does end up happening, it at least occurs at a more manageable level.

Once you get to where you can imagine yourself being in the situation, such as speaking in front of a crowd and it does not resonate an emotional response, when you do go out, the emotion may not occur at all or it will be at a lower level.

Tap On Your Way to the Event

Let’s hypothesize that you are on your way to your best friend’s wedding and you have to give a public speech. During the days leading up to the event, you have been tapping and imagining yourself delivering an excellent reception speech. More than likely you have tried to think through the many aspects of public speaking that could cause you fear and have tapped on them. Similar to applying tapping to emotionally intense speaking events of the past. Some people have discovered success starting their day with tapping in bed before getting up or tapping in the shower.

You can tap as you are getting ready for the event and while travelling to the event. You can use red lights as time to tap while stopped. Be sure to keep focused on driving and if you have at least one hand on the steering wheel, you can also tap on certain points while you are driving. Some individuals prefer to tap on the karate chop point while driving because it is one simple motion.

Excuse Yourself From Tapping in the Public Eye

You may find in the middle of your day that something comes up and you feel the need to tap. Politely excuse yourself from the group you are with and make your way to a quiet room. Getting a few rounds of tapping in prior to your trigger should be enough to reduce your anxiety and help you maintain an enjoyable evening.

Just because you are in public doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from using tapping techniques.

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Let me know in the comments if you've found a sneaky way to give yourself space for tapping in public when you needed it.


  1. Hi April, good ideas on how to do EFT in public or before going out. I wish more people would do this in public, it would be a great technique for everyone to learn and be be using at the same time. This world would be so chill! Sending lots of love and gratitude.

    1. I agree. I would love to see more people tapping openly. First step to to spread the word and get more people to know about tapping. I’m on a mission. =)

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