Ultimate Blog  Challenge -  Blogging This  Time Around

Blogging This Time Around #blogboost

Normally I join a blogging challenge like this for exposure and to push myself into some resemblance of consistency. Starting out with plenty of gusto, only to run out of steam a week or two into the month. The ‘exposure' is there, but then I realize that exposure is of the curated, sanitized version of myself I created. I feel deceptive, hollow and outright fake.

Faking it

Fake is something I never wanted to be. I try so hard to be authentic and genuine, only to fall right back into SEO rules, keywords and other such distractions. Leaving behind the thing that is the most important. Connection. You can't truly connect with someone if you're not sharing any part of your true self. Further, how are you to help someone you aren't connecting with?

Blogging Goals

This round of the challenge I'm going to focus on remembering why I blog. Remembering that I enjoy blogging—at least I used to. I want to get back to enjoying the blogging portion, less of the technical mojo. Once I get back my joy of writing, then I'll add back in the “to-do” list. If I'm going to continue this journey, the writing has to come first.

Moving Forward

I'll post some thoughts, some joy, and finish each day off with a pinch of gratitude. I'm going to focus more on mindset, positivity and authenticity. Especially regarding how to change your life towards the better and growth mindset. I want to have a theme for the month and since it's November, Gratitude seems to be a good fit.

Daily Gratitude Blogging

Gratitude can help you build both self-esteem and well-being. This will have a strong, positive impact on your emotional wellness. You reap these benefits by living each day in gratitude.


Commit yourself to gratitude and practice it regularly. One way is to keep a journal and write in it daily. Write about all the things you're grateful for. The more you look for things to be grateful for, the more you will find.

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