Difficult PersistenceDifficult Persistence

Even with persistence and resilience, completing commitments can sometimes creates difficult persistence. Yesterday I was working on my social graphics posts as part of my blog and my website was running great one minute, down the next. I could no longer access my website. Talk about freaked out.

Poor Me

So, my immediate response is usually;

“Should I just quit?

Is this just a hint that I'm on the wrong path?

What is the Universe trying to tell me here?”

Persistence Proves Futile

I tried all the tech-nerdy things I could on my own. Google search is my best friend, yo. After spending hours on all the different methods, calling the ISP, chatting with the Domain/Hosting, all to no avail. I ended staying up way too late for someone who wasn't feeling all that great to begin with. Finally, I gave up and went to bed for the night, hoping that something overnight would cache, clear or reset, releasing my site back to me. Thankfully, the rest of the world could still view my site, just not me.


Persistence won out. At least that is what I'm telling myself today. Though I couldn't write posts, I could work on creating my social images and posting those in the meantime. In the middle of trying to try a link shortener to bypass the block, suddenly the clouds parted and my website was working again. I still don't know exactly what the issue was, but I'm pretty darn grateful that it's back so that I can be here sharing my little roller coaster ride with all of you.

Mindset Skills

The time between wallowing in negative thoughts and when my mindset skills kick in, depends a lot on my physical and mental health on any given day. I have trained my mindset over the years so that time is getting smaller. Then the training kicks in and I remember that persistence has gotten me here. Not giving up.

I have given up on several things over the past few months, and each time I have really regretted it later. In those moments things seems so overwhelming and daunting, as if I am being pushed a different way. At this point however, it feels like more of a push back to test with more difficult persistence. Then more resistance:

“Will I push through and reach my goals?

Give up and resign to mediocrity?

Are my dreams worth the effort?”

Yes! Damn it!

…and I'm sick of giving up. There is a path in front of me and as I write more; I connect with myself and all of you on a more grounded, heartfelt level. There are hopes and dreams that I've been holding them back—and thus holding myself back—for far too long. As I write this today, I feel a weight lifting. I physically sit taller, my shoulders drop and the tension in my jaw releases. To keep these short so that you'll keep coming back to see this journey, I'll snip this off here. I know it's going to be incredible and I hope you find some inspiration from my mess turned amazing.

Gratitude Daily

So, you want to increase your positive emotions? You can make it happen, but how? Practice gratitude. Gratitude makes you more positive and resilient. Pay more attention to all the incredible things in your life, and there will be less room for the negative emotions.

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