Don't Believe Every Thought You Think

Don't Believe Every Thought You Think

You don't have to take every thought that comes to mind as the absolute last word about the subject. Don't believe every thought that flits through your mind. Thoughts are fleeting. You've heard that one before, right? There's a reason that saying exists. Thoughts are very fleeting and they flit in, flit out, and off they go. You are the one that gets to choose which ones you believe and how you want to respond.

The Response

Responding to a thought. That is the point where you can steer a train of thought in an entirely new direction. When you are working on your mindset, you want to get ahead of negative spirals of thinking. The best way to do that is to put up one big STOP sign in front of the negative thought as soon as you ‘hear' it.

Not Every Thought is Worth Keeping

I've actually said to myself, “Nope! We're not thinking that today.” Whatever works for you. Choose something that stands out to you and really gets you to feel the inertia of stopping that train.

  • Nope!
  • Halt!
  • Cease!
  • Stop!
  • Not today!
  • Not this time!
  • Let's try this instead…

Fill in the Blanks

Next step is to put your ‘best thought forward', if you will. Right after you've hit the brakes on the thought, put the thought out there that you actually want to be thinking. Like this. You're having a rough day at work. You wonder if that meeting they are having without you is about you. Are they going to fire you? Reprimand you? Your mind is utterly spinning with negative possibilities. Then you notice that you're spiraling. “STOP! That meeting has nothing to do with me, and if it did, I would be in it. I may have had a bad day, but I'm a good employee and we all have bad days.”

Keep the Train Rolling

Now that you have the thoughts going in the direction you want, keep pushing those more positive thoughts until you feel a shift—and you will. Shift not only to the truth, laced with logic. Now that you've got this train moving, use that momentum toward what you really want to happen. Start putting out the ‘best case scenario' thoughts instead.


Instead of thinking the worst and being paranoid—be pronoid and believe the best for yourself. If you're going to create and imagine what's going on behind that closed door, you might as well do it for the positive. Why not? Since when does worry ever change the outcome of anything. Remember that what you think about, you bring about. With that, let's end on a note of gratitude for the day.

Gratitude Daily

According to studies on gratitude, practicing gratitude can increase self-esteem. It helps you feel better about yourself and helps you feel more positive about your circumstances. The studies found that groups who practiced gratitude had higher levels of self-esteem and felt more satisfied with life than the control groups. Have you experienced similar outcomes when changing your life for the better? Why not do your own experiment to see how being grateful every day changes your life?

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