Walking the Tightrope

Walking the Tightrope

There's a balance I've yet to find, and it's walking the tightrope between being professional and being authentic. That sweet spot still eludes me. Paranoia kicked in, so I went professional and stuck to it. The problem is that when I took all of my stumbles and struggles out—wanting to stay positive—I left real life out. Real life has struggles, real life has stumbles and fall-on-your-face moments. It's the get back up times that people need to see that spreads the hope out like leaves in the wind.

Going Forward Goals

I have to come out of hiding. Let my true self shine, so to speak. There will be some stumbles as I navigate these new waters. Where I share the truth, then show how I work to find the positive, or flip the script on my circumstances.

Know Better Do Better

If I can turn my life around, so can anyone. Things have not always been easy for me. The contrast is stark when I compare my life today to the life of poor mediocrity I could have had. I am so grateful that I didn't follow the childhood path that life set out for me. Instead, I looked at all the options before me and decided to work toward better.

Positive Spin

Each day, even when I write something that may not be all that positive, I'm going to focus on the turn-around. I've done a lot of mindset work, brain/neuroscience study and I want to share that knowledge so that others can find their way to a better life as well.

Gratitude Daily

According to a study published by the American Psychological Association, gratitude can be a protective factor for coping, depression, and suicide. By enhancing your sense of gratitude, you could be increasing your sense of protection when you are at your weakest points in life.

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